Frequently Asked Questions About AdultIPTV

How Many Devices Can I Watch Simultaneously Using a Subscription?

Each subscription allows you to watch our services on one device at a time.

If you want to start watching on another device, you’ll have to log out on the device that you are already using before you are able to start watching on the new device.

You will have to perform this action every time that you wish to change the device you are watching on.

If you wish to watch our services on two devices simultaneously, then please purchase an additional subscription to our IPTV services for your other device.

What Is Meant by IPTV (Internet Protocol Television)?

IPTV is a way of receiving television over the internet.

The packets required to form the television picture are sent over your internet connection instead of being transmitted over the air, down a cable or via satellite, as they generally are with more traditional television services.

This makes it possible to offer a far wider variety of programs.

What Resolution are Supported by Adult IPTV?

The quality of the IPTV picture that we are able to offer you is dependent on the speed of your internet connection.

If your internet service is fast enough, then it’s entirely possible to watch in 4K resolutions or above, which massively exceeds the level of picture quality that is currently offered by most over the air TV services and other traditional broadcasters.

Internet speeds can vary by area and time of the day, and the quality of pictures that we are able to provide to you will vary accordingly.

I'm Not Satisfied with the Service that I'm Receiving. How Can I Resolve Things?

We’re very sorry to hear that you are not happy with the service that we are providing.

In the first instance, please raise a ticket with our support team.

They will do everything they can to put the nags right and get you the level of service that you expect and deserve.

When Will My Subscription be Activated?

Your subscription will be considered active once a link is sent to the email address that you have registered with.

In general, this will happen within 5 hours after completing the registration process.

So, you don’t have to worry as your subscription won’t start until you have received this link, and you will not lose any time that you could have spent watching our IPTV services.

How Can I Check Your Adult TV Service Quality?

Unfortunately, due to some issues with abuse and spamming issues, we are no longer able to offer trial subscriptions to our service.

If you would like to sample our services with no risk, then we recommend that you take advantage of our seven-day money back guarantee offer.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of service that is available after you have signed up, then simply get in touch with our support team by raising a ticket.

They will look into your case and arrange a refund for you in case they are not able to fix things.